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Real Estate

Current Owner

A current owner title search is ideal for foreclosure auctions, pre-tax auctions, short sales, by-owner transactions, refinance, and checking for clear titles. You will receive a Title Report on all...

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2 Owner

Our abstractors investigate property information pertaining to Ownership, Legal Description, Liens and details to the last full value deed/out of family transfer in this report. The 2 Owner search goes...

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This is a great option for bank owned properties & foreclosure auctions where it's important to receive all copies pertaining to the Title including copies for any outstanding liens, mortgages,...

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Term Search- (20-65 years)

state statue requirements vary by state but are a requirement for Title Insurance, Purchases, Title Opinions and evidence for Marketable Title. If you are planning to use the Title Search...

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Legal & Vesting

This is a compilation of segments of real estate records that provide information on the subject of Property Title vesting, Property Legal Description, and Property Tax and Assessment data. Legal...

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We will help you interpret the Title Search by means of Foreclosure report on any nationwide property determining and clearly showing the lien positioning, liens that remain with the property...

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